My “FAILED” Birth Story

If you would had told me I would plan the perfect (in my eyes) birth plan with God and pray on it so much only for nothing in MY plan to go right I would’ve laughed in your face. Yes I know plans fall through all the time but this time was different. This time […]

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Do you know what today is 

…it’s my Anniversary. Anniversaryyyy 🎶 Never in a million years did I think God would entrust me with a heart so special. A truthful heart that loves hard and is full of purpose. It’s truly amazing what saying yes to God looks like. Being in this relationship has made me face some of my hidden […]

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Love Me Mondays 

            “Her love is like God’s grace, it’s something I don’t deserve”- Sailor Joël Bailey   The mission of Hooyahs and Hallelujahs is to unite couples who are trying to make it through the distance, deployments, time differences and couples who strive to keep God as the center of their […]

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